Friday, September 3, 2010

SAILING the Apostle Islands Day - 5

Well here we are on Sunday morning. A quick breakfast of Cheerios and a can of V8 for me. Some coffee made on the alcohol stove on the boat and we were all ready to go. We fire up Aerie's motor and we head out in to the lake. We found a spot on Long Island to practice anchoring. It is right in front of one of the light houses, the one near the dock on the length of the island, not the one on the point. Anyway, nice sandy bottom and we all are going to give it a go.

The winds are probably 10-15knts, perfect. Sun is out and it's kind of warm but heck, we are sailing! So we do some more man over board drills for everyone. Folks that wanted to work on tacking and gybing took care of that. I grabbed my camera and took some more pics and videos. I had raised my Sail With Courtney burgee on Saturday but, the weather was good today so we sailed with her today instead. Click here for more info on that, and have your Kleenex handy. We all got a shot at anchoring, both at the helm and at the bow with the anchor. All did a great job and we had no issues with the anchor holding.

As it was about 1:00pm we decided we should head back to the marina. I don't think anyone really wanted to but, we all had to get home and it is about 4 hours to home from there. So we got to pleasure sail the rest of the way back. The vids and pics are from that run to the marina.

  Parry brought us in to the dock perfectly. We tied a few knots on the boat to show we could, then Vicki signed our log books. There, it is signed now, I got it done! We buttoned up Aerie, said our good byes and headed off towords our respective homes. I left the marina at 3:08pm, stopped in Washburn for gas and pulled in to my garage at 7:12PM. Not bad time.

This was a great experience and I cannot wait to go back up and sail the Apostles again. I am hoping to do a charter up there next season with my kids. I will be back in Bayfield September 30th as Northern Breezes is doing a flotilla of the 3 boats they have there. We will be taking them from Pike's Bay Marina to Spirit Lake Marina in Duluth. But that is a story that is waiting to unfold. You will be reading about that here soon enough....


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