Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adventures in Boat Shopping

As some of you know I have been on the hunt for my own boat. I am looking for a 25 footer that sits on a trailer. Mainly so I don't need to pay winter storage fees but also as this is the land of 10,000 or so lakes, and there are a few I would like to visit and sail on. So I began looking intently a while back and I have had some interesting results. 

Where the hell is this "Buyer's Market"?. No idea where this glut of boats are but I sure as hell can't find them. Granted with my parameters it does limit my options a bit. Mainly to Catalina and O' Day 25's but, there is not many out there for sale. Or at least that I can find. I thought I found a couple of great prospects but, one got sold on me and another over in Wisconsin I thought we had a deal worked out but now I can't get the phone answered or a call back. 

Very frustrating as a lot of prospects are far away and I am not sure if I want to drive for 12 hours or a couple of days to find something that isn't up to snuff. Like one I found down south that come to find out has a mysterious leak and the trailer tires may not be OK. Wow, really? 

I understand that some boats may need some work but, let's not waste each others time here.  I am open to doing work, not that big of a deal but, I am not paying $4K - $5K for a project boat. Just not going to happen. I want to know for sure that the boat I end up getting is the right one for me and the sailing I want to do. I know how much I want to spend and I realize I have gear to buy too so that is part of my overall budget. Hoping to keep it all under, well under would be nice but this is a boat after all, $10K.

Guess I was a bit naive to think this would be easier than this. Just going to keep on plugging along and hoping that I can find something before there is too much snow on the ground around here.

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  1. It took us 4 months before we stumbled upon our boat. I say stumbled because the boat (an S2 8.0c) wasn't officially for sale when I decided to cold call the owner and see if they wanted to sell. It wasn't even the boat I thought we would get (a Catalina 25). Good thing because I would still be looking if my wife and I hadn't made that call back in June.

    I've been told several times the best boat to buy is the one not for sale. Kick the 'tires' at your sailing club and see what boats haven't been in the water for a couple of years. Call and see what's up (assuming you're interested in the boat).