Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interior Work

Now it was time to get the interior back together. 

I bought some 1/2" sanded plywood to make the new pieces for the wet locker, which I doubt is going to get very wet, and the vanity for the head sink. I painted them the same color as the bulkheads and inside of the hull. I used the old pieces for templates the best I could though, I did have to extrapolate at times as some parts were just gone.

For the thru-hull, I cleaned the hull with Acetone, damn do you get to use a lot of that stuff working on a boat, and scraped the old sealant off. I applied a generous amount of Life-Caulk again and tightened it up. Went very well and I was done in no time.

Cleaned up.
Old thru-hull removed.

Ready to be tightened.


Drain installed.
I then re-assembled the vanity and hooked up the drain. I bought new hose and clamps for this as well as I did not trust what I had as it was probably factory original. 35 years old. 
Putting the wet locker together was not very much work either. I could use the old pieces pretty much as I said and I just cut new ones and installed them. I also purchased a mounting kit for the porta-potti and will be installing that later this week. Be nice to have that on the boat for extended stays and I have female friends that have already asked if there is one on the boat for their comfort.

Wet locker.
Vanity front installed.


After I got that stuff in, I set about re-installing the setee back rests. The mounts for them were of course "wet" so I cut new ones out of left over bulkhead material that had veneer on it. I also bought some brass bolts to replace the stainless steel ones as I felt they would look better against the dark finish of the veneer. I re-upholstered the setee backs with the same fabric, just did a better job of it as th4e PO's job was well, sloppy. In the picture you can see that awesome 1970's era ORANGE fabric that was original with the boat.... oh my.... 

Oh my is right!
Recovered and much better.

New back mount.

Eventually I got the doors mounted on the vanity, the privacy door on the head area mounted, the salon table, the shelf, and little weather station all installed and I am pretty happy with how it all turned out. I do still have to install the shelves and sliding doors for the cabinet over the vanity but, you don't need that to sail. I exercised Skipper's Prerogative on that.

Finished interior.
So, how about we get that mast up? 

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