Sunday, June 22, 2014

Launch Day Commeth

Well after various logistical issues, see blog post on waiting, Clay and I finally were able to hook up and get good old Papillion in the water. Oh yeah, the T-Pins did finally arrive. They were shipped 2 day priority mail so of course it took nearly 7 days for them to get to me. Everything went pretty smooth too. After we got her up on the crane, I finished painting the spots on the bottom and keel that needed paint due to them meeting up with the trailer. it was a warm and humid day as we have been having a lot of rain around here. The lake is at it's highest level, ever.

Minnetonka is the headwater for Minnehaha Creek, which is quite, not sure if famous is the right word or what would be but, it flows to the Mississippi River and that starts here in northern MN as well. Well the lake is in a complete no wake restriction, we can sail as our wakes are not of consequence. Minnehaha falls are roaring as per the picture below. The dam on the lake for the creek is wide open and the water is still spilling over the sides. 

As I said, we did get her launched without much issue. Unfortunately we did not have time for a little shake down sail. The next day was a race at the club but, yeah, more rain and thunder. Funny how it takes 15 - 20 sailors looking at the same radar image and hearing the same thunder overhead an hour or so to make a determination to abandon racing for the night. Well 15 - 20 might be a little on the low side for the count.....

So Saturday the 21st is an around the island race. That will be the next attempt though... the weather will be clear but the wind? Possibly non-existent.... and Sunday, 40% chance of more rain and thunder......

Here are some exciting pics of a sailboat being launched....

Been doing a lot of thinking about some things...... this could very well be my last season with this boat...... Just need to do some deep analysis on what I have and what I want.... more on that later.

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