Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seasons end....

So the 2010 sailing season has come to an end, my first full season. The season here in Minnesota is at the most 6 months long and I sailed 5 of them which, is pretty good all things considered. Ice out came early this year so the boats were in the water early, I first sailed on April 15th this year. I would be sailing through October but the timing of my boat club membership and financial availability made that a non-possibility. That will not happen next season as I will re-up my membership in the first quarter of next year and that will cover me for the entire season.
The season had its good times, its aww this sucks with no wind times, it’s oh shit times, and it’s it doesn’t get any better than this times. Considering I was on a sailboat when each of these occurred, it is all good. For me there are few things that compare with being on a sailboat. Whether I am skipper or crew, I have found that being on the boat is when everything is in order for me. No rat race, the life stress is gone. Just me, the boat, and those that mean the most to me out on the water. There is no other place I would rather be. Hard to explain, but if you get it, you get it.
I have sailed in good conditions and less than optimal conditions this year. Even with the wind up, the boat heeling over, having to put reefs in out on the water, rain, and waves, I still would rather be in those conditions on a sailboat than anywhere else. Obviously I do prefer nice winds with the sun and not freezing in the wind and rain, and waking up to frost but, I am sailing and that is what it is about.
My two trips up to Lake Superior were by far the best trips of the year but also, there were some awesome times that Sam, Stu, and I had putting around Lake Minnetonka as well. Hopefully we can all get up to Pike’s Bay next season and I can show them how awesome it is to sail on the big lake and actually explore some of the islands. On ‘tonka and Superior.
So that’s the 2010 season, sad to see it go but I have some great memories and I learned so much this year. I am looking forward to next year already and can’t wait for the ice to be out and the boats back in the water. Check back every once in a while over the fall and winter months as I am sure I will be posting some thoughts as I muddle through the non-sailing months.
Fair winds……

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  1. You could always take a vacation and do a charter boat to break up the long winter layup.. Cool blog though Terminator! I like it!