Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weather Tease

So as I posted in my last post the season is over. So why isn't the weather worse? Not complaining really all that much as I have to get all the leaves raked, read the children do, and I need to clean the gutters. But it has been so nice in October and November here in MN that it would be awesome to have a nice trailer sailor to take out whenever. So I guess that is the next phase of the plan. By this time next year have a nice 23-25 foot trailer sailor so that when the boats are all off the water I can still get out and sail a few more times. I would have loved to have been out any day this week but today... damn. 65 degrees and a nice 15-20kt breeze. Yesterday it was a bit lighter wind but about as warm. We don't get many fall days like this in MN, its usually about 20 degrees cooler and we all remember a certain Halloween when we got 30+ inches of snow. So of course next fall when I do have my own boat, yeah you guessed it, I can see us having another one of those Autumns that you can't get the leaves up because of the snow on the ground. Oh well, only 5 months until sailing starts again.....

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