Friday, May 3, 2013

Maybe we can launch..... maybe

Things have been very strange with the weather around here this "spring". After I took the cover off the boat we had no less than 4 major snow storms in the 3" to 8" ranges. Overnight, from May1st to 2nd, southeastern Minnesota got slammed again. A record 18", yes you read that correctly, 18" of snow fell in some areas. This is May for cripes.... The ice is officially off the lake and I have puttered around a bit inside the boat. So I guess that is a positive note. I just need a warm stretch to get outside the boat work done. Oh and today as I look out the window here at work, it is snowing.... the image below is a screen cap from a few minutes ago of the weather radar. Be nice if it was moving to the east but no, it is coming up from the south and moving due north...... Next week is looking like things will be back to normal.....



  1. That's ridiculous. Hope you get some reasonable weather soon.

  2. Much has been made of the "blocking high" over the lower Great Lakes that changed our weather about nine days ago from crappy/borderline winter to a rapid onset of spring and temperatures in the 20sC/70sF. We are in the middle of a long stretch of sunny weather, but day after day we are getting decent breezes from the south-east, which is very odd indeed. Our prevailing winds in May are going to be the same as yours, SW to NW.

    I know you are farther north, but it's still snowing in Manitoba and Thunder Bay, which is rare in May, too.

    If it's any consolation, I couldn't get my fuel system in the steel boat because all through April, my metal prep paints were either stiff in the pot or well below the recommended application temperature. Due to constant cold, rain and sleet, we lost a week of prep time just before launch...I was lucky just to get the bilge system in and crimped.