Thursday, April 7, 2011

Almost here.....

It’s almost here, the start of the sailing season. It has been a long and “painful” wait to get to this point. We have had lots of snow this year, 4th snowiest season I believe. We got teased a bit back in early March that things were on the upswing and then, another week of snow and cold. But now it seems that spring has finally gained a foothold and the weather is turning for the better. Most of the snow is gone and the temps are definitely getting warmer.

Another sign that the season is close is that the yacht club will be having their open house on April 9th, a nice low-key event. 

I have found myself feeling the wind all winter and now in to early spring and “being” on the water. I guess I really do have the “affliction”.

I start a new class on April 12th, ASA 107 – Celestial Navigation. This has always fascinated me, finding one’s way by the stars, sun, or moon. This is a very intense course and is also about navigating the open ocean and what to do in an emergency when your GPS and/or plotter goes out on you. I am really looking forward to it. Another part of the “romance” of sailing I guess, doing it the way it was done in the beginning. I am not thinking I would ever need to solely rely on my sextant to find my way but, it is not a bad skill to have. Also, as I said, it is a way to connect myself with the “old days” of sailing, the tall ships, the great explorers of the world.  To quote John Masefield’s famous poem Sea-FeverAnd all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by….

I am hoping to find out when the boats will be on the water at the open house. My boat club membership is paid in full and I am, obviously, ready to go. So here is looking forward to an even better season of sailing. I am sure it will be as I have a year under my belt and I have someone very special to share it with.