Friday, August 22, 2014

So far.... so OK.... decisions...

It has been a while since I have made a post to the old blog. All we have been doing is "racing" on Thursdays. Saturdays, and Sundays. It has been OK so far. The boat sails, sort of. Due to the CB being stuck up in the trunk. Not sure at this point if it is the trunk or the new CB or the installation or a combination of all. The first race after launch was around Big Island. Went to undo the CB line and nothing. Decided that I would sail it with the board up, "cruiser style" and then deal with it next season, if I kept the boat. I even had a friend that is a certified SCUBA diver dive on the boat and he couldn't get any leverage to pry it out. Fine, F-it, leave the damn thing up.

I have regular crew this year. Pam has been a member of the club for about 7 years I think and knows what to do. She likes sailing on "Old & Slow" and the fact that we do not fly a spinnaker is a good thing as it is just the two of us. I also have convinced one of the new kids, yes he is 22 so he is a kid, at work to join as well. He seems to like sailing and learns quickly. We have had some success, finishing races, a few DNF's due to various reasons, a couple of TLE's but, hey, we are out there and learning and doing about as best we can with this boat.

With the CB up this thing sails like, well you know, in light air. Under say 8. Above that it does OK as the shoal keel actually starts doing something. 55-60 degrees off the wind sucks rocks when you are trying to make a windward mark. Yeah, its that bad. That's why I refer to it as "Cruiser Mode". When cruising around you wouldn't really care too much about it. That's why I love those statements about the 25's w/CB. "You can sail with out it". "Just glass it over, no real need for it". Umm yeah there is, hence the fact that it is there. It points like sh** without it.

Anyway, I hinted in my launch post on a decision that was needed. I have made said decision and S/V Papillon is up for sale. Here is the link to the Sailboat Listings ad.


They are fine cruising "Friends and Family" boats but, I want to do better in the racing I am now doing.

The next boat? Well, I still want some cabin area below as I want to be able to cruise around the lake with friends and maybe spend a night out. So I am looking at something with that and a bit more jump in her step. Boats on the list include, Beneteau 235, S2 6.9 & 7.9, Rangers, maybe Precisions.... you get the idea I am sure.

So I now have owned a boat, 3 years now, and now I am selling a boat. If I have Papillon next season then so be it. I don't really want to have 2 boats.... at all. One thing for sure, when I launch next season, going to pry that damn thing out, find a spot where it drops and then sail with it down like the designers intended.

So if anyone knows of anyone that would like a nice cruiser, point them my way. If anyone knows of a nice racer/cruiser $10K and under, let me know.

More racing this weekend and in the weeks coming. Just going to sail her as best she can and have fun. After all, I will be sailing....