Friday, February 1, 2013

That time of year

Yep, its that time of year here at 45N lat that we really start looking forward to spring. It is February 1st, 2013. The air temperature right now is -13F, that's -25C for you metric folks. Yep, its damn cold out but what does one expect at this latitude at this time of year. Oh well, about 12 weeks +/- until we can launch. About the earliest here is mid April. 

I have made some progress on things boatwise and in the winter in MN, that means I have spent some $$ on the boat. Getting things together so I can run the halyards to the cockpit.  A few nice to haves like brand new fenders that I probably paid too much for but.... And a new Windex as I snapped the vane on mine last fall as I was puttering about. Might be an annual expense at this rate.

I will not be in Excelsior bay this season, I will be moving to Wayzata Bay on my lake and will be a member of the Wayzata Yacht Club. I will be trying my hand at racing this season. Yes I know what ya'll is thinking. He is going to race an O'Day 25 CB? Yep, why the hell not? Will be learning a lot and having fun doing it. I will still be on a buoy but, hell that's fine with me. So as you can see below, these are the current docks at Wayzata..... frozen and lonely.... But in a blink of an eye and some more boat bucks spent, it will be launch day before ya know it.