Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring has sprung

It is officially spring now and the weather hear at 45 degrees north is actually starting to behave. Its been above 40 for a while now and doesn't appear to be going below freezing at night either. Got the cover off the boat last night and poked around on the boat a bit. Things look like they weathered the winter nicely. I will be redoing the cover frame for the end of the season though. Need something easier to deal with. Will need a new tarp also as the one I have been using has got a few too many holes in it now. 

Tarp off and yes, still a little snow and ice left on the ground.

So the project list before launch is as follows;

  • Mount deck organizer and clutch to run halyards to the cockpit.
  • Refurbish startboard winch.
  • New halyards.
  • New mast head sheaves.
  • Mount the porta potti. Really don't want that to be mobile.....
  • Remount toe rails. Pulled them last year and never got around to mounting them.
  • Replace one, maybe two of the trailer tires. One for sure as it no longer holds air.
  • Possibly new name graphics but, not that high of a priority.

So also I had the son of the owner of Giulietta, a custom built 12 meter in Portugal, and he also owns the Anything Sailing website, do some custom name graphics and come up with a logo for my good old boat. Fred is 15 or 16 and is an aspiring graphic artist. I figured who better to do this for me. I want it done, he wants experience, and I even paid him! So below is what he came up with. I like them and that's all that maters.

Name Graphic

Logo. Cause I can.....

Anyway, all I need is a few weekends of decent weather and I can get my projects done. Then ice out on the lake and then splash. I will be at Wayzata Yacht Club this year and will be doing some PHRF racing too. I figure why not, will be great fun and I will learn a lot.

Lots to keep you all posted about over the upcoming season.