Friday, May 30, 2014

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting

As it is now the end of May I would have thought that I would have launched by now. I think I am the last member of the club to still be on the hard. The reason is as follows..... waiting for hardware to arrive. 
I ordered new open body turnbuckles a couple of weeks ago from Garhauer as they had the best price. They took a week to ship and then another week to show up as these things are never in stock apparently. They arrived yesterday and I went outside to start putting them on. Well, seeing as my boat is the oddest oddball of the oddballs, they would not thread on to the stud of the shroud/stay as mine are the opposite thread. Figured this all out from a conversation with Garhauer customer support. So seeing as apparently most boats have right hand threads at the stud and the t-pin is left handed, mine is left handed at the stud, if I unscrew the t-pin, the stud screws in nicely, and right handed at the t-pin. So after conversing with Doug at Garhauer and getting my mind wrapped back around how all this works, this is the conclusion we came to. 
I am now getting right hand t-pins sent to me on Monday as of course, they are not in stock, and they should be here by Friday. Next day air was cost prohibitive at this point. Most everything else is ready to go. I am pleased with the help from Garhauer as they are willing to do an exchange on the t-pins, so in the end it won't really be costing me all that much to do all this... just wish it was all done by now.
I will be detailing the bottom and stripe painting, compass install and other little projects in the next couple of posts. Which will be coming soon as I really don't have much else to do besides blog this weekend as the weather is supposed to be crap and my boat is in the driveway.......

Oh I suppose I should mow the lawn too...