Friday, November 14, 2014

Closing a chapter

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. Had been busy sailing and working on selling the boat. We did OK this year with the racing. We went form DNF, to TLE, to actually finishing. We have a fall series called the Commodore Cup. Saturday morning races around the lake. We were able to do two of those this year and even though we finished in the rear, we actually could see boats. I know, its the little things. Anyway, the last race we did was a beautiful fall day. Was just Ben and I but we did OK. Unfortunately we hit a spot of zero wind and that set us back quite a bit but, we had fun.The fall colors had just started to come in as well.

After we came in and I drove home I realized that that could very well be the final sail on my first boat. Yes, there have been trials, tribulations, great times, and lots of fun on that boat but it was odd to think that was going to be it. A week or two later she was hauled and back in the driveway. I had a couple coming up from Wisconsin to have a look. They liked the O'Day 25 but were going to look at others too. My friend Clay, who sails the First 260 you have seen me sailing on at times, especially late fall, had been talking to a young guy at SailboatOwners about his first boat. So he got us connected and lo and behold he bought my boat. I towed it up to his parents' place about an hour north and that was that. 

Did get a nice fall sale in on Blue J, First 260, a couple weeks ago. Was blowing 15-18 and peak temp was about 55F. Spin run on the way back, fire in the fire pit at the club, great people, how could you go wrong?

I am currently boat-less.... is odd pulling in the drive way and nothing is there. I do have my eye on a couple of First 235's and I am pretty confident one will become "Next Boat". They are great boats and would do us well in our club racing. No more excuses though, can't blame the boat for being slow, we as a crew will have to be stepping up our game.