Thursday, December 31, 2015

Season Wrap Up

Finally getting around to wrapping up the season with a post. The holidays will delay things.... So we had a good year on Seeker, first year on the boat and I would like to think we learned a lot. Our times improved each race, especially towards the end of the season. Got to do some great fall sailing in November.

Nice that I could sail my own boat in November in Minnesota. Like I have said before, fall sailing is awesome. There were times that it was just us and couple guys out fishing.... Put on the tunes, open a bottle of wine and put the boat on a beam reach. Not much better than that.

Haul out day was Saturday November 21st. It was a balmy 20 or so degrees, no ice on the lake (thankfully), and a light 6kts of breeze. We got to the boat about 10am and my helpful crew was there shortly thereafter along with my friend Clay. (First 260 sailor). Of course the motor wouldn't start due to the cold. Clay gave us all the obvious answer, which I knew was coming, "It's a sailboat, let's sail it to the crane!". So we did. Was a fun last unexpected sail of the year. We should have sailed the Sunday before, 60 degrees and 8-10kts but, my work got in the way of that. We were out that Saturday so... no real loss.

We got he boat hauled and home with no issues. She is in the drive way under her cover waiting patiently for next season. Have some upgrades coming so that all will be documented eventually. Holly took all the pics below. As you can imagine, I am already getting anxious for spring. 






  1. Did we sail over there with a fender down????

    1. Apparently so but, we were heading to a dock.... ;-)